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Two dogs in Fiji

House Call Services

Viti Mobile Veterinarian is a private, professional veterinary practice based in Suva.  We are a unique service that provides after-hours house call consultations and treatments at times that are not available elsewhere in Fiji.  At this time, this is only a mobile practice and there is no fixed clinic.  We are able to do most services that are provided at a fixed veterinary clinic with the convenience of never having to leave your home.  This means less stress for your pets and less stress finding transportation for your pets.  This also allows for a personalized, un-rushed experience where we can devote the time needed for your pets, or farm animals.  

We provide a range of services for various different animals, but are mainly focused on caring for pets (cats and dogs).  However, we also have the expertise to provide advice and treatment for farm animals and exotic pets, so please feel free to request a consultation for these and we will be happy to help.



At this time we are not providing import/export services.  For this, I recommend you contact Biosecurity.  

HOURS OF OPERATION:  Thursday - Saturday and Monday 12:00PM to 9:00PM



As of 10 January 2023, we will be closing operations indefinitely.  This is due to Dr. Sanada leaving and not having a replacement at this time.  We do hope that we find a replacement in the meantime, but will be concentrating on taking care of existing clients/patients prior to Dr. Sanada leaving.  We will not be taking new clients at this time.

Flea, Tick and Mange Treatment

Medication will only be sold after examination of animal. For existing clients, or if prescription from another veterinarian is given.


Farm Visits


Vaccines, Deworm and Heart-worm Prevention

Drug and Syringe

Minor Procedures


In-home consultation for sick,or injured animals

Veterinarian with Dog

Advanced Diagnostics and Medication

We have various tools to provide better diagnosis during the consult and also provide medications for different conditions.

Special Requests

Viti Mobile Veterinarian will also accept requests for village visits, community visits and special projects.  The price for these visits will vary depending on the circumstance and the client's ability to save costs on transportation and lodging.  Please feel free to request a free phone consultation for special requests like these.  

Limited Services

There are some services that we will not be offered due to safety concerns, hygiene concerns, or lack of necessary supplies.  The ability to do certain services will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and customers will be advised about various options available.  Viti Mobile Veterinarian reserves the right to deny services to customers who are discourteous, have an unsafe home environment, or are not able to pay for services.  

Special Note About Pet Breeding:  As a welfare veterinarian, I consider the practice of breeding dogs or cats unethical.  I will not support the practice of breeding in any way and breeders are requested to seek veterinary services elsewhere.  For more information about the ethics of pet breeding and supporting the trade, I recommend you read the article at the following link: