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Consult Fee 

$95 VEP in Suva.  Fee increases outside of Suva.

This consult fee includes travel to you home in Suva, or Lami and is for an examination of one animal.  Consultation for additional animals on the property will cost $30 extra per animal and may cost more if additional time is needed. 

Outside of Suva Consult fees: 

Nakasi $105 VEP

Nausori $115 VEP

Navua $125 VEP

Pac Harbour $135 VEP

Ask for additional locations.

Daily Consult Fee

$300 VEP

This fee includes an eight hour or less day of work by the veterinarian.  This is a labor charge only and does not include the cost of consumables or procedures.  Each additional hour of work past eight hours will be $100/Hr.  

Emergency Consult Fee

$150 VEP

Fee for attending an emergency outside of normal operating hours (12PM - 8PM Mon, Thurs - Sat), or on Public Holidays.

Flea/Tick Medication 

Price Varies Depending on the product

Radicate Spot-on (Topical Selamectin) - A liquid medication applied to your pet that kills fleas and ticks for one month.

Cats:  $27.30 VEP 


Small (2-10kg)  $26.25 VEP

Medium (10-20kg) $31.50 VEP

Large (20-40kg) $36.75 VEP

Bravecto (fluralaner) - A tablet, or topical product that kills fleas, ticks and mange mites for three months with a single dose.



Topical Bravecto Plus:  $77.60VEP

Topical Bravecto Medium: $89.10 VEP


Small Tablet (4.5 -10kg) $80.50 VEP

Medium Tablet (10 - 20kg) $87.10 VEP

Large Tablet (20 - 40kg) $92.60 VEP

Very Large Tablet (40 - 56kg)  $101.40 VEP

Revolution for Pups/kittens (selamectin) - A topical medication that kills fleas, ticks and mange mites.  Also effective for certain worms.  For puppies, or kittens less than 2.5kg.

$26.25 VEP


Price Varies depending on the product and size of animal.

Drontal for dogs (Pyrantel, Praziquantel and Fenbental) - kills many different intestinal worms.

$8.80 VEP per 10kg

Drontal for Cats (Pyrantel, Praziquantel and Fenbental) - 

kills many different intestinal worms.

$13.45 VEP per 4kg 


Vaccines are often needed more than once; especially in young animals.


DHPPi (Combination distemper, parvo, adenovirus and parainfluenza) - Protects against four different diseases that are particularly common and dangerous in dogs.  

$42.00 VEP per dose

Lepto1 (leptospira icterohemmorhagica) - Protects against a dangerous strain of leptospirosis.

$36.75 VEP per dose


TriCat Trio (Herpesvirus, calicivirus and panluekopenia) - vaccine that protects cats against respiratory and intestinal diseases that are common and dangerous.  

$47.25 VEP per dose


Price depends on species, sex and age.  Discounts given for doing multiple pets at one appointment.

NOTE:  Desexing is only done for existing patients and is dependent on the pet's health and ability for the procedure to be done at home.  If the pet is not an existing patient, then a health consult will need to be done prior to scheduling the procedure.


Male castration $80 VEP 

Female Spay $150 VEP


Male, or Female puppy $150 VEP

Adult male $165

Adult female $200

EXTRA FEEs will apply for pregnant females, or if surgery is otherwise complicated.  Post-operative pain medication will be an extra fee and depends on the size of the pet.  Usually not more than $20 extra.  

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