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We would love for you to sponsor a community vet visit!!!

We truly enjoy having the opportunity to provide care to animals that are less fortunate.  Whether it's a day at a village, or a spay/neuter clinic, we can help.  We strive to make these events as affordable as possible to maximize the amount of care we can provide.  Also, we sometimes receive donated medications and items that we save for charity events; which make some treatments cost-free.  

Viti Mobile Vet is a private business, so we do not operate like a standard charity would.  We only do specific vet visits if they are set-up and managed by the donor(s).  The benefit for donors are that they can donate to a specific cause and see exactly what their money goes towards.   

If you have an idea for a community vet visit, then please let us know! 

Below are examples of visits we have done.

Marata Settlement in Wailoku April and May 2019

A great experience at Marata!  We had a single donor for this lovely village in Wailoku.  We spent two days at this village and managed to examine and provided treatment for over 55 animals including dogs, cats and pigs.  In those two days, we were able to desex 7 dogs and 2 cats.  We also provided some good entertainment for the kids who were crowding around to watch the show.  It reinforces that these types of events are a valuable way to introduce young people to animal welfare and show them that we need to care for animals the same we do people.

A huge thanks to Dr. Nikki Baker (a USP lecturer) who paid a total of $1270 to make these two days possible.  Tom and others at the village were instrumental in making sure we were busy and had a successful visit.  Dr. Baker also sponsored a third trip to spay a couple of more dogs, treat a few puppies with worms and a treat a dog with mange.   

Logani Village May 2019


This village visit was sponsored by Foods Pacific Ltd. as part of their educational charity.  They help teach less fortunate children about many subjects that they may not get in school.  Today's subject was animal welfare and we were asked to be there for any questions and to provide veterinary care to their animals.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience and there were many dogs and cats that benefited from the visit.  Overall, Foods Pacific paid $316 for the visit, to include an eye surgery that a cat desperately needed.  

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