Viti Mobile Veterinarian - filling the gap in veterinary care across Fiji.

About Viti Mobile Veterinarian


Viti Mobile Veterinarian is a small, private, mobile veterinary practice.  Dr. Kevin Sanada is the sole veterinarian and is assisted by Payal Goundar; a qualified veterinary nurse. 


Dr. Kevin is a U.S. national with experience worldwide and a particular interest in helping the animals of Fiji.  This service was founded after Dr. Sanada spent a year working for charities throughout the Fiji islands and fell in love with country, while understanding the desperate need for qualified veterinarians.  Through his time spent in Fiji Dr. Sanada has done his best to understand the veterinary needs from the local's point of view and has been instrumental in providing help for many different animals.  

Dr. Sanada has a long history working with animals and in the medical career field.  He started as a veterinary assistant in a local veterinary clinic in 2002 and served in the U.S. Air Force as a medic.  He has a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science from the University of Nevada Reno and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University (a top-ranked university in the U.S.).  Dr. Sanada has practiced veterinary medicine all over the globe in the U.S., Africa, India, Fiji and New Zealand.  He practices mostly with companion animals (dogs, cats, small mammals), but has also done a great deal of work with farm animals, horses and exotic pets.  

Continuing education is something Dr. Kevin and Payal take seriously to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest knowledge and advancements in veterinary medicine.  Dr. Kevin has attended multiple veterinary conferences throughout his career and regularly reads veterinary journals.  Payal also spends a great deal of her spare time reading current veterinary literature and attends an online veterinary nursing continuing education course at-least once a month.    

Payal is from Sigatoka and a graduate of the FNU veterinary nursing program.  She gained a great deal of experience working at Animals Fiji in Nadi shortly after graduation.  She also has experience with poultry and other farm animals.  Recently, she has been accepted to veterinary school in New Zealand and is working towards getting funding for tuition.    

Dr. Kevin and Payal both truly love the work they do and the animals they provide care to.